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Regulatory Information for South Carolina

South Carolina is one of only five states that has the nursery regulatory service housed within the land grant institution (Clemson University). The regulatory service is housed in the Department of Plant Industry at Clemson University and their philosophy is prevention through education.

Since 1890, Regulatory & Public Service Programs have been an integral part of the Clemson University mission by ensuring the safe use of agricultural products, such as pesticides, fertilizer, lime, and through its service and regulatory programs involving quarantined pests, nursery inspections, pesticides, and seed quality.

The Department of Plant Industry has two primary program missions:

First, we serve to protect South Carolina's agricultural resources and natural ecosystems from the introduction and spread of plant and honey bee pests and invasive species. 

Second, we serve to enhance the efficiency of South Carolina's agricultural producers by providing unbiased, third party quality assurance programs for the fertilizer, organic and seed industries.

All information related to the nursery regulatory program within South Carolina can be found on the links at the following web site: http://dpi.clemson.edu/