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Our Approach

This website and the on-line Knowledge Center comprise:

  1. Information resources on the industry, regulations and that provide general information and best management practice recommendations for water and nutrient management, to promote the efficient use of resources, with the expressed intent of reducing environmental impacts from these agricultural industries.
  2. A courseware (Moodle) environment to provide high-quality educational resources to individual professionals within the industry, with the expressed aim of integrating with the eXtension and the NRCS technical service provider (TSP) program.
  3. Twenty -eight learning modules provide in-depth information on substrates, irrigation, nutrient and plant health management. Additional topics include engineering and best management practice recommendations for surface water management and recycling, together with audit tools to assess and improve the efficiency of existing systems and topics on more advanced tools and technology that are becoming available.

Additional project objectives involve developing regional criteria for effective water and nutrient management so that training and certification programs can achieve accreditation for trainees, and educating other groups as to the current best management practices that have been implemented by these industries.