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Our Knowledge Center currently comprises twenty-five self-learning modules that cover a broad range of subject areas, which all have a direct impact on how water and nutrients are managed in nursery and greenhouse operations.

The objective of each module is to give participants an in-depth knowledge of that specific topic, so that the development and implementation of best management practices is associated with that knowledge base.

You can access the Knowledge Center by clicking on any of the links in the graphic below.

Substrate Management

Irrigation Management

Management Tools

Surface Water Management

Nutrient Management

Crop Health Management

Basic Overview of Substrates - 'Ideal Substrates'

Selection of Water Source: Understanding Water Quality

Irrigation System Audits

Basics of Surface Water Management

Basics of Fertilization

Fundamentals of plant Disease and Diagnosis

Substrate Materials & Ecology

Basic Hydraulics: Irrigation Management

Plant Water Use and Modeling

Capture and Recycling of Irrigation Water

Fertilization Strategies

Disease Prevention and Control

Physical Properties of Substrates

Irrigation System Design and Components

Irrigation Scheduling


Nutrient Use and Efficiency

Management of Pathogens in Irrigation Water

Chemical Properties of Substrates

Best Management Practices: Overhead Irrigation

Irrigation Tools and Technology


Water & Nutrient Management Planning


Biological Properties of Substrates

Best Management Practices: Micro Irrigation

Containment Basin Design




We gratefully acknowledge funding for this project through a Section 406 Competitive Grant from the USDA-CSREES National Water Quality Program